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Eradicating the Fall Armyworm Near and Far

Joel and Jon
Hosts, WinField United
Host Joel Wipperfurth recently traveled to Uganda, where he judged the USAID sponsored Fall Armyworm Tech Prize. Participants were tasked with identifying potential solutions to eradicate the fall armyworm in Africa. WinField United agronomist Jon Zuk joins him on this episode of the Deal With Yield and the two dive into the domestic implications and threats of this global pest.
Season 14, Episode 3: Eradicating the Fall Armyworm Near and Far

The Deal With Yield is a podcast series covering the issues that matter most in crop production.

Play to Your Seed’s Strengths

Jonathan Zuk
Regional Agronomist
WinField United technology manager Ryan Moeller joins host Jon Zuk once again on this episode of the Deal With Yield. The guys cover the importance of leveraging seed selection tools for in-season management decisions and how it lends to increased yield potential.
Season 14, Episode 2: Play to Your Seed’s Strengths

The Deal With Yield is a podcast series covering the issues that matter most in crop production.

Manage Field Variability in Soybean Crops

Holly Thrasher
Technical Seed Manager
I can’t think of many fields that are completely uniform in soil type from fence row to fence row, nor can I think of two years where the weather is the same. Variability is a common issue on farms, which can make it tricky to purchase the right soybean seed for a particular soil type.
But there is a solution. It’s the combination of two different soybean varieties that is offered in CROPLAN® branded WinPak® varieties. These unique combinations of both offensive and defensive varieties provide an exceptional level of stability throughout the field by working together to increase yield potential on tough acres while maintaining yield in higher-producing areas.
What we select for
We choose seed that will be complementary in terms of agronomic features, such as region-specific disease tolerance, heat and drought tolerance, standability, and yield potential. This happens after we’ve selected the appropriate maturities. We select maturities carefully so the two varieties have a consistent drydown in the field, which helps eliminate problems at harvest. Our seed pairings are strategic; they are carefully formulated to provide farmers with optimal performance in their specific regions.
Managing variability
Achieving optimal yield potential with variable soils can be difficult, and planting diverse soybean varieties can help balance dissimilar soil types through more appropriate management.  For example, while soybean variety A is projected to do well on your fine and medium-textured soils, you may have other areas of the field with pockets of coarse-textured soil where that variety may not do as well as variety B, which is projected to have a strong performance on those tougher soils. Combining the two varieties improves the overall average yield potential of the field as a whole.
Proven in the field
A premium pairing of soybean seed varieties can provide a consistent boost to yield potential that is otherwise hard to find. In fact, 2016–2017 data from regional Answer Plot® trials show WinPak varieties consistently outperformed their individual component varieties by 2.1 bushels per acre.
Latest traits
We have added a number of WinPak varieties to the CROPLAN seed lineup that contain the newest Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® trait technology. And we maintain and refine combinations that include established seed technologies such as LibertyLink® and Roundup Ready 2 Yield®. We listen to our retailers when they tell us what their farmers are requesting for WinPak offerings and do our best to provide them with new options.
WinPak varieties can help you capitalize on your top-end yield potential in the better areas of the field and offer solid defense in areas where you have greater variability in soil type. They can also help balance the variability inherent in other factors that affect overall yield potential, such as weather challenges. Talk with your local trusted advisor today about how WinPak varieties can help you get a jump on your soybean strategy for the 2019 season.
© 2018 WinField United. Answer Plot®, CROPLAN®, WinField® and WinPak® are trademarks of WinField United.
LibertyLink® is a trademark of Bayer CropScience.
Roundup Ready 2 Yield® and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® are trademarks of Monsanto Technology LLC.

Preview 2018 Answer Plot Data

John Kinnard
Senior Manager, Data Team Services
Harvest is underway in some areas, and data from our Answer Plot® program is already being analyzed. While it will be a while before we have a complete data set to evaluate, I’d like to preview some of the exciting information you can look for as harvest wraps up.
Expanded seed characterization. Our corn hybrid and soybean variety characterization data is the foundation that the Answer Plot program was built upon. WinField United’s seed characterization trial is a leading platform in the industry due to the number of replications and locations. This year, we’ll have new corn hybrids and soybean varieties to characterize so farmers can better place the latest genetics. As you make your seed selections for next year, be sure to check out the updated CHT charts in the R7® Tool.
CROPLAN® corn hybrid zinc seed treatment. As you may know, CROPLAN is the only seed brand to add zinc to its standard corn seed treatment. We tested zinc-treated corn seed at 62 Answer Plot locations last year and found that it averaged a 3.2-bushel-per-acre yield advantage over standard seed treatments. We’re continually testing new formulations of this treatment with an eye towards further improving our seed treatment portfolio.
Fungicide trials. We’ve expanded our fungicide trials this year to include more products across different environments and disease pressures. Our hope is to better understand which products offer the greatest return on investment to ensure we’re giving you the best product recommendations. We compare generics, common brands and new products side-by-side to help retailers and farmers make the right decisions for their operation.
Soybean herbicide systems. This year, we’re running a new trial that compares the yield potential of soybeans under three different trait and herbicide systems: glyphosate, gluphosinate and low-volatility dicamba. We’re hoping to understand which systems provide the greatest value to farmers.
Soybean treatment. There are a lot of questions as to whether soybean seed treatments pay for themselves. We’re running trials to better understand under what conditions these treatments offer the greatest seed protection. For example, nematicides are emerging as a new innovation in this space, and we want to study how these products perform and interact with existing fungicide and insecticide options.
Every year presents farmers with a different set of challenges. The Answer Plot program faces those same environmental conditions. Our goal is to classify those situations to better use our data to tailor solutions for you. We’re looking forward to analyzing and sharing another year of unmatched, quality data from our Answer Plot locations.

Future-Proof Your Seed Selection

Jonathan Zuk
Regional Agronomist
On this episode of the Deal With Yield, host Jon Zuk is joined by WinField United technology manager Ryan Moeller. The two discuss considerations for choosing ag tech tools and the various tools available that can help farmers make informed seed selection decisions.
Season 14, Episode 1: Future-Proof Your Seed Selection

The Deal With Yield is a podcast series covering the issues that matter most in crop production.

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