Seeing the Hidden Hunger in Corn

Joel and Kyle
Hosts, WinField
This week’s hosts, Joel Wipperfurth and Kyle Reiner, discuss the importance of in-season plant nutrition. Tune in for their takes on the best times to tissue test, when to feed your crop like a teenage kid, and where yield enhancers can help in capitalizing on the adage, “bushels pay bills.”

Seeing the Hidden Hunger in Corn

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  Joel Wipperfurth
  WinField Ag Technology Applications Lead

As WinField ag technology applications lead, Joel Wipperfurth evaluates new precision ag technologies, tracks the rapidly evolving competitive landscape of ag technology and develops new partnerships. He also serves as the WinField spokesperson positioning the company in the ag technology/precision ag marketplace. Previously, Joel served as a WinField master agronomy advisor team lead in southern Minnesota, and prior to that as a district sales manager for CROPLAN® seed.

  Kyle Reiner
  WinField Master Agronomy Advisor

Kyle Reiner, WinField master agronomy advisor, works with farmers in southwestern Minnesota to develop agronomic plans for optimizing yields and increasing profitability potential. Kyle began his agronomic career in a retail setting near Fargo, N.D. He then worked as a seed and agronomy advisor in southwestern Minnesota prior to assuming his current position nearly four years ago. Kyle’s specialty is seed, and he is particularly interested in identifying limiting factors in the field, working with different soil types, the positioning of products, and the response of various crops to nitrogen and population.

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