Farmer Stories: Solid Relationships Build Solid Businesses

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Agronomy Team
Over the past 20 years we’ve had the pleasure of interacting with farmers, retailers and agriculture enthusiasts at local Answer Plot® events. We know that strong relationships are an important component of every farm business, so we’re always excited when farmers come together at Answer Plot events to share ideas and solve on-farm challenges.
Establishing more than healthy crops
Answer Plot events are an opportunity for local farmers to gather and learn from our agronomists, but also from each other. Dave Armstrong, a corn and soybean farmer near Newcastle, Nebraska, finds value in learning from other local farmers at Answer Plot events.
AnswerPlot_FarmerTestimonials_0002_-It-s-a-great-event-for-information-and-for-networking-with-Win-1.jpgExpanding networks and fostering new relationships can add tremendous value for farmers looking to solve business challenges and attending an Answer Plot event allows them the opportunity to do that.
Educating farmers (and their daughters)
The Answer Plot program began as a way to educate farmers and share information about the latest research in crop production. Each year we develop new insights to help farmers increase their bottom lines. For example, we may test 240 hybrids just to measure their response to various production practices. We use the Answer Plot events as a forum to share what we’re learning from all of those trials.
Ron Heerten farms with his brother near Springview, Nebraska, and has been at it for over 30 years. He attends Answer Plot events because he values the educational aspect of the program.
On occasion Ron would also bring his kids with him to an Answer Plot event, which helped spark his daughter Moriah’s interest in agronomy. Moriah says attending Answer Plot events encouraged and reinforced her decision to pursue an agronomy degree at the University of Nebraska.
AnswerPlot_FarmerTestimonials_0004_-Going-to-Answer-Plots-with-my-dad-helped-me-see-the-importance-1.jpgThese are just a couple of examples of how Answer Plot events bring together people and great ideas to improve productivity. Make plans to attend an event near you.
We’ll continue to spotlight farmer stories as we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Answer Plot program. Check back as the season progresses to learn how other farmers have found value in local Answer Plot events.

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