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Celebrating 20 Years of Insights

Joel and Jon
Hosts, WinField United
Joel Wipperfurth is joined by WinField United Vice President Kevin Eye on this episode of The Deal With Yield®. To commemorate the Answer Plot® program’s 20th anniversary, the guys discuss the game changing insights and memories from the past two decades and what lies ahead.
Season 13, Episode 1: Celebrating 20 Years of Insights

The Deal With Yield is a podcast series covering the issues that matter most in crop production.

2017 Answer Plot® Insight #2: Expect Results From Fungicides

WinField United
Agronomy Team
This is the second in a series of four posts highlighting key insights from 2016 Answer Plot® field data and trials.

Using data from our Answer Plot® Program, WinField United strives to help farmers make the right decisions throughout the growing season. One area we have focused on recently is response-to-fungicide (RTF) scores and the potential economic benefits of making a late-season fungicide application.

Granted, with current low commodity prices, the expense of a late-season fungicide application can be difficult to justify. And the questions, “Is it worth the cost to spray fungicide?” and “Will I get my money’s worth out of this expenditure?” are legitimate. What is certain is that making the right decision about fungicide applications requires a calculated approach.

RTF scores are key indicators of the potential economic benefit of applying fungicides and allow you to weigh possible yield gain against application costs. Answer Plot® data from 2016 shows a strong fungicide yield response in both corn and soybeans. Across all locations, an 88 percent positive response rate was observed in corn (a 15.3-bushel-per acre yield advantage) and a 92 percent positive response rate was observed in soybeans (a 2.1-bushel-per-acre yield advantage).

We also test each hybrid for its individual response. Some hybrids respond exceptionally well to a fungicide application and are “must spray” hybrids. Others do not respond as well, so applying a fungicide may not pay for itself. We can help you think through the possibilities to ensure you are putting your dollars in the right place and optimizing your investment.

Contact your local retailer for hybrid-specific response scores and for further information on a late-season fungicide application.

At 67 Answer Plot® locations in 12 states, the average corn fungicide response was a 15.3-bushel-per-acre yield advantage.

At 38 Answer Plot® locations in 11 states, the average soybean fungicide response was a 2.1-bushel-per-acre yield advantage.

Results may vary. Because of factors outside of Winfield Solutions’ control, such as weather, product application and any other factors, results to be obtained, including but not limited to yields, financial performance or profits, cannot be predicted or guaranteed by Winfield Solutions.

Want local insights? Visit an Answer Plot® event this season.

Kevin Eye
Vice President, Agronomy & Product Development
We’re gearing up for a busy season at our Answer Plot® locations across the country. Each year we reevaluate the program and design demonstrations that are relevant to local geographies, based on insights from farmers and our regional experts.
Whether you’ve never attended an Answer Plot® event or you’re a seasoned attendee, here are some reasons it’s worth your time to attend.
Interactive demonstrations. Each event is a little different depending on the time of year and location, but the main goal is education and training. Whether that’s providing product recommendations, demonstrating ag technology tools or delivering agronomic insights, we’re constantly changing our focus to stay relevant to your needs. This year, we’re highlighting several new demonstrations that you can learn about here.
Data-driven research. In addition to interactive demonstrations, our Answer Plot® Program includes more than 200 research-trial locations across the country. When you attend a local event, you can expect insights derived from high-quality, local data. We’ll talk about what we’ve learned from our multi-location field trials and what new data we’re gathering to help you make informed decisions next year.
Timely information. There are multiple events at each Answer Plot® location throughout the season, so there’s always something new to learn. Early-season demonstrations might include seed treatment and weed-control evaluations. Mid-season, we might talk about soil and tissue sampling, the use of ag technology tools, or crop fertility. As the season winds down, we’ll focus on late-season plant health topics and preparing for harvest.
Customized sessions. Answer Plot® events are designed to be fluid and interactive. We encourage you to bring questions about challenges you’re facing to help drive conversations. And, if you find that you can’t make one of the scheduled events, it’s possible to schedule one-on-one time with a local agronomist at the Answer Plot® location when it works for you. Our goal is to provide local data, insights and information to make your operation more productive and efficient.
To learn more about events scheduled in your area, visit or talk with your local retailer.

What’s New for the Answer Plot® Program in 2017?

Kevin Eye
Vice President, Agronomy & Product Development
The growing season is well underway, and we’re looking forward to upcoming Answer Plot® events across the country. These programs are an opportunity for interactive learning from experts who are familiar with local conditions and agronomics. Our goal is to help you make the best management decisions, so you can increase productivity and efficiency on your farm.

Here are a few of the new demonstrations you may see at your local Answer Plot® location this year.

  • Soybean farmer decision trial – We’ll take a comprehensive look at soybean management, including analysis of specific genetics and response to various crop inputs. The insights from this trial will help you fine-tune production decisions using products and technology that work best for specific agronomic conditions.
  • Soybean genetic performance – Are you wondering how the new soybean herbicide traits perform with current genetics? This trial will evaluate product performance among various trait and genetic packages.
  • Soybean treatments –There are a lot of soybean seed treatment options out there, but what works best for your situation? This trial will compare the efficacy and response of different treatments under various field conditions.
  • Plant health study – This evaluation in corn, soybeans and wheat can help establish the best time frame to apply a foliar fungicide. We’ll compare early, late and two-pass applications to determine ways to achieve optimal return on investment potential.
  • Nitrogen modeling –Nitrogen modeling tools can help predict when and where nitrogen is needed for more precise application. This trial is designed to validate various modeling tools and compare return on investment. 
In addition to these demonstrations, we’re also expanding our larger scale Answer Plot® research trials. We’ve updated trial design to minimize field variability for more accurate recommendations. We’ve also expanded our silage testing program in collaboration with Forage Genetics International. This year, we’ll be evaluating more genetics across diverse field environments for better characterization of our silage products.

Be sure to attend one of the planned agronomic training events at an Answer Plot® location near you. For more information, visit or talk with your local retailer.

Data-Backed Decisions to Make in 2017: Part 2

Joel and Kyle
Hosts, WinField
On this episode of the Deal With Yield®, hosts Joel and Kyle continue their conversation on how to incorporate last year’s insights into the 2017 season. Learn what proactive and reactive decisions farmers should be making, the importance of starting clean and staying clean, and why data quality is so important to Answer Plot crews.
Season 8: Episode 6 – Data-Backed Decisions to Make in 2017: Part 2

The Deal With Yield is a podcast series covering the issues that matter most in crop production.

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